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Events Schedule - Let the Games Begin!
FAMILY KICK OFF NOON- 11:00 PM   RIBS, FOOD VENDORS, BEER TENT 12:00-7:00        PI ES FOR GOD’S SAKE 4:00- 7:00         COOKIE SHACK, ST. ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 12:00-5:00        KIDZ ZONE DREAMS IN MOTION 12:00- 7:00       SILENT  AUCTION 2:00- 4:30         OPEN MIKE, SECOND FLOOR SOUND 5:00-6:30          THE STRATA-KATS 6:30-7:00          MEDIA CELEBRITY CHALLENGE (TENT) 7:00- 8:30         TRILOGY   8:30- 8:50         WINNER, OPEN MIKE PERFORMANCE              9:30-11:00        THE TREVOR WALSH GROUP, Puts on a fantastic show
SESQUICENTENNIAL CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS, HAPPY 150 YEARS  CANADA! 9:00-1:00          HUCK FINN FISHING DERBY, Confederation Park 10:00-4:00        ROTARY ARTS & CRAFT SHOW 10:00-4:00        START TIME FOR CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES 10:30-12:00  GREAT 1000 ISLANDS DUCKY RACE, Confederation Park 11:00-12:00      GAN FISHING HOLE 11:00-3:00        ARTHUR CHILD MUSEUM DISPLAY 11:00-7:00        SILENT AUCTION 11:00-7:00        PIES FOR GOD’S SAKE 11:20-12:05      HOCKEY CIRCUS SHOW 12:00-11:00      RIBS, FOOD VENDORS, BEER TENT 12:00-3:00        FREE INFLATIBLE GAMES 12:00-4:00         LEEDS & GRENVILLE PARAMEDIC SERVICE 12:00-4:00         GANANOQUE FIRE DEPARTMENT 12:00-4:00         GANANOQUE POLICE SERVICES 12:00-12:45       TEDDY BEAR PICNIC AT GAZEBO 12:00-1:00          FREE HOT DOGS, CUP CAKES & DRINKS 12:00-1:00         1000 ISLANDS PLAYHOUSE YOUNG COMPANY, DAISY                            AMAZE ME 12:00-4:00         FREE HAY WAGON RIDES 12:00-7:00         COOKIE SHACK, ST. ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 12:15- 1:00        RYNESTONE MAGIC, Magic with an Edge 12:30                 BARK & ROLL RUNWAY SHOW 1:00-3:00           KINGSTON FENCING CLUB DEMONSTRATION 1:00                    FREE POP CORN, Until we run out 1:00-1:45           HOCKEY CIRCUS SHOW 2:00-2:40      CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS PROGRAM,                                      Happy 150 years Canada! 3:00-4:00           ROYAL THEATRE PRESENTS… 3:15-4:15 1000 Islands Young Company, Daisy Amaze Me 4:30-5:30           THE STARES 6:00-7:00           LITTLE CALIFORNIA 8:00-9:30           HEALY AND ORR 9:30               FIREWORKS, Confederation Park by the Town of Gananoque 9:30-11:00   JOHNNY CANUCK SHOW, True essence of Canadian classic rock, Sponsored by Shorelines   Casinos 
SUNDAY IN THE PARK 7:30- 10:00     LIONS CLUB SHORE BREAKFAST 10:00-4:00      ROTARY ARTS & CRAFT SHOW 10:30-11:00    GOSPEL MUSIC (TENT) 11:00- 12:00   NON-DENOMINATIONAL CHURCH SERVICE( CENTER STAGE) 12:00-7:00      PIES FOR GOD’S SAKE 12:00-7:00        COOKIE SHACK, ST. ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 12:00-5:00      KIDZ ZONE DREAMS IN MOTION 12:00-1:00      YOGA/MEDITATION 12:00-11:00 PM    RIBS, FOOD VENDORS, BEER TENT 1:00-2:00         MARK HUNT, BRIAN FROMMER DUO 2:30-3:30         TEXAS TRUXEDO 4:00-5:00         THE REASONS 5:30-6:30          SPARE CHANGE 7:00-8:30          RIVER CITY JUNCTION 9:30-11:00        AMBUSH, Canada’s Rockin” Country Band, sponsored by Shorelines Casinos Thank you for supporting and attending 1000 Islands Family Ribfest 2017, see you next year!
SPONSOR LINKS Friday  June  30th  -  The Fun Begins Saturday  July  1st  Canada Day Celebrations Sunday  July  2nd  Sunday in the Park RIB FEST RIB FEST ROTARY & LIONS CLUB OF GANANOQUE 1000 ISLANDS FAMILY
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